Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day"

So in honor of National Nutrition Month, I have decided to blog about what "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day" means to me.

Eat Right
"Eat Right" to me is to choose food in it's simplest forms.  The less processed, the better.  Making most of your plate plant based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and unrefined grains, because the grains are fine just the way they are.

Your Way
We are experts in our own lives, no national organization can set guidelines appropriate for us as well as we are capable of doing. 'Your Way' means keeping the national standards in mind, however adjust them as you see fit to work in your life. Be realistic about what you are capable of implementing, and set limits on harmful dietary choices.

Every Day
It is very easy to do something perfectly for one day. However, as enthusiasm fades so does our ability to stick to what we were originally so determined to do.  It is especially hard to stick to doing something perfectly when you do it multiple times a day; on the go, in the office, with friends, with family. 'Every Day' means staying determined, knowing that your body is worth caring for because it's the only one you have.

"Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day" is a lifestyle change.  It is a decision to change the way we live, the way we eat, the way we look at food. We tend to categorize things in our head, in particular food, as bad food or good food. It is better to categorize food as either 'always food' and 'sometimes food', because not only is it more realistic, but it prevents you from feeling like you have already slipped back into old habits, or your old lifestyle.  Change doesn't occur overnight, and if we don't change the way we view food, we are robbing ourselves of the catalyst that can put this change in motion. 

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