Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The life of an Educator

It is very hard having an off day as an educator.
I swear it’s like those adolescent eyes can see right through you,
Like they can smell the fear and insecurity.
I had 24 thirteen year-old boys and girls looking at me earlier to provide a nutrition lesson, and I almost froze.
I heard the groans when I entered,
The whispering in Spanish, ¿Que hace ella aqui?
The catty remarks at how they will attempt to utterly disobey my every request.

They say vulnerability is the greatest measure of strength and courage. 
If one can be vulnerable, then they can truly grow and be better.
I don’t typically have a problem with this, as I am a firm believer that even mistakes contribute to the body of knowledge.

Brene Brown Ted Talk

But having a bad day is truly not an option as an educator.
You have to be ready, with extra activities or games,
Just in case you fail at facilitating a meaningful dialogue with students.

I know this.
Now if only I could apply this same principal to other parts of my life.
Be ready, for those moments when what you thought was enough isn’t.
Have a back up plan.
And a back up plan in case your back up plan fails.
After all, failure to plan is planning to fail right?

My understanding is
Shame is about you.
Guilt is about the behavior.
Shame is focused on the person. 
"I failed, so I am a failure"
It is condemning and chronic.
It makes us think we aren't worthy.

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