Monday, March 7, 2016

Savor the Flavor

When I think of Nutrition, my first though is healthy.

Few could say their first thought is flavor.

even fewer would say savor the flavor.

But the more I think of it, the more I appreciate the Savor the Flavor theme for National Nutrition Month.

It takes me back to when I first tried a salad without dressing (by dressing I mean dousing it with Ranch or Blue Cheese).

It was arugula salad, with freshly grated Parmesan, apple, and pine nuts with olive oil and lemon zest.

Not adding a ranch to cover the taste of the veggies really allowed me to savor the flavor of that salad, I grew to have a deep affinity for arugula for having so much flavor for such a small leafy green. I was able to appreciate what every ingredient added to this salad. The apple, lemon zest and olive oil added a freshness to balance it all out. I walked away thinking, OMG that salad was good, and so flavorful!

In nutrition, we often talk about using spices to bring flavor to dishes, rather than adding fat or salt. It's finding a different method to create satisfying dishes using other flavors and spices.

So I believe Savor the Flavor is incredibly appropriate as the theme for National Nutrition Month, because eating healthy is about eating food that tastes good, without all the unhealthy additives, but rather with adding in healthy flavors and truly savoring them.

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